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Microseries Probes and Receptacles

Interconnect Devices' Microseries Probes provides for hybrids, substrates and special test applications that require ultra-close, center-to-center parameters.   The Penta 0 can test on .010" centers (.006" staggered centers) and has a probe density on standard centers to 10,000 probes per square inch.  The Quad 0 can test on .020" centers(.010" staggered centers) and a probe density on standard centers to 2,500 probes per square inch.  The Microseries Receptacles make replacement of the probes as simple as replacing standard probes - with minimal sacrifice in center-to-center spacing.  Most Microseries Probes and Receptacles are available with wire attached, depending on the application.

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Standard Spring Contact Probes and Receptacles

Interconnect Devices' offers the widest range of replaceable spring contact probes to meet your testing needs.  IDI probes are suitable for production testing of both bare and loaded PCBs, flex circuits, substrates, connectors, back planes, and other circuitry where a number of points must be accessed.  IDI probes are available in 50 different series.  In addition to a wide variety of pluger tip styles is also offered.  These, in most cases, are available with either gold or Duralloy plating options.
Interconnect Devices' receptacles are available with seven termination options: plug-in terminal, DuraSeal, crimp, solder cup, wire wrap (square post), round post, and preattached wire.  All DuraSeal and Wire Wrap receptacles are leakproof, making them suitable for vacuum fixture applications.
Interconnect Devices' spring contact probes and receptacles are interchangable with other industry standard product.

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Internal Concentric Travel (ICT) Probe Series

The primary feature of the ICT Probe Series is their bifurcated barrels.   The barrel is precision machined to form four contact beams at the top, where the plunger exits the barrel.  These four beams are then coined to perfect center, in an interference fit with the plunger.  This completely eliminates all working clearance at theis critical juncture, and guarantees that the barrel will be in continuous contact with the plunger.  This has positive effects on pointing accuracy, electrical performance, and mechanical life.
The ICT Series Probes are available for testing on .100" (2,54), .075" (1,91), and .050" (1,27) centers, with a maximum travel of .250" (6,35).  Designed specifically to meet the needs of today's in-circuit demands, the ICT Probes feature a DuraGold barrel resulting in a smooth, extremely uniform surface area on the inside of the barrel.  Plungers are available with a base material of beryllium copper or steel, either gold or Duralloy plating.

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Steel Plungers FLUXBUSTER

The Steel Plunger is a part of the FLUXBUSTER Probes, specifically designed to penetrate heavy oxide layers, contaminates, flux and conformal coatings.   The steel plungers have a hardness of 50-55on a Rockwell C scale compared to 36-42 for the beryllium copper plungers.  They include options of testing on .100" centers (S25), .075" centers (SL1), and .050" centers (SJ0, SC0).

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The OSP Probe is a part of the FLUXBUSTER Probes, specifically designed to penetrate heavy oxide layers, contaminates, flux and conformal coatings.  The OSP Probe is an extreme high contact pressure probe.  Available in 100 mil centers, the OSP Probe features a 16-ounce spring force at a .170" travel that is coupled with an extremely sharp Chiseled Spear (SP) tip made of tool steel.  This provides extremely effective penetration of OSP coatings and other contaminates.

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Rotator Series FLUXBUSTER

The Rotator Series is a part of the FLUXBUSTER Probes, specifically designed to penetrate heavy oxide layers, contaminates, flux and conformal coatings.   The Rotator Series features a tip which rotates 90 at the probe's rated travel.   This allows the probe to clear away contaminants like a drill, facilitating contact with the Unit Under Test (UUT).  The Rotator Probe is the most aggressive and effective FLUXBUSTER offered by IDI.  It includes two .050" center designs, the .075" center design and the .100" center designs.

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Double Ended Probes and Receptacles

IDI offers three series of Double Ended Probes and/or receptacles for wireless test fixturing.  Until recently, when signal integrity was critical, twisted pair wiring was used to reduce inductance and capacitance loading.  In the last few years, the popularity of wireless test fixtures for twisted pair wiring has increased.   The average fixture has between 2 to 2.5 feet of wire per node. In wireless test fixtures, the wire has been replaced by a trace with an average length of 1" ti 1.5".  This results in better signal quality by further reducing the inductance and capacitance loading.

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Battery Contact and Interconnect Probes

Battery Contact and Interconnect Probes are designed to optimize contact performance in high-reliablity, multiple cycle interconnect applications.  Examples of typical applications include the connections between a mobile radio's PCB and its battery; a board-to-board interconnect for docking of a portable device to its programming station; or an interconnect between a camera body and a powered zoom lens.  Battery Contact and Interconnect Probes are optimal for direct mounting to printed circuit boards.   They are typically extremely rugged and compact.  Their electrical performance is maximized to provide a reliable path for either a power supply or signal path and provide many advantages over stamped metal contacts.

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Coax Probes

IDI offers a probe that makes true coaxial testing a reality.  The IDI Coax Probe has a unique signal plunger continuously surrounded by a ground plane.  This ground plane can be continued onto the Device Under Test (DUT) via a spring loaded shielding plunger.   Because of this difference,  the IDI Coax Probe maintains matched impedance and dielectric constant throughout.  It allows interconnection with the least amount of signal deterioration while providing simnple connect/disconnect features.  As a result, the Coax Probe has been used for signal frequencies as high as 3 GHZ.

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Switch Probes

A Swithc Probe is a spring contact probe and receptacle combination that is normally open, and after a designated travel the switch probe closes.  The most common use for a switch probe is in the cable harness testing industry.  The switch probe is used to verify the correct location of a terminal in a connector while checking the retention force as well.  Switch probes also verify the presence of nonconductive components such as caps for connectors or devices on a circuit board.  There are two seperate current paths in a switch probe.  From the plunger tip to the tail is normally open and closes only after the probe deflects to the designated travel.  The second path, form the plunger tip to the outside of the receptacle is always closed.  IDI provides for .125" (3,18), .156" (3,96), and .187" (4,75) centers.

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Solid Pins

IDI offers a large selection of solid or translator pins for universal bardboard testing.  The solid pins interface between the universal grid and the PCB.  The length of the pin determines the angle or lean at which a solid pin can be fixtured - the longer the pin the greater the lean.  IDI offers five standard lengths of solid pins - 1.1", 2", 2.5", 3", and 3.75" and six styles of interface pins.  The solid pins are made from brass and beryllium copper, and are typically gold plated.

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Music Wire

Music Wire Pins are capable of testing SMD products on centers from .050" (1,27)to as low as .015" (0,38), and permit testing of high density boards with a strandard .100" (2,54) grid.  They are available with a retaining groove or bulge to prevent the pins from falling out of the fixtures.  They are also available without a groove or bulge.   Pins may be fanned up to .250" (6,35) off center while still maintaining excellent contact.  To facilitate nearly all applications, pins are available from IDI in six different diameters and capped pins in several different head styles.

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