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Twinax/Triax Connectors 

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Series 70/370

MIL-C-49142 Qpl'd Connectors
TRB/TRT Miniature Plugs and Jacks
TRB/TRT Miniature Bulkhead Jacks
Miniature Circuit Board Jacks
TRB T Adaptors
Paralleling Jacks
Hermetically Sealed Connectors


Series 150/3150

TRS/TTM Subminiature Jacks and Plugs
TRS/TTM Subminiature Bulkhead Jacks
Subminiature Bulkhead Jacks


Series 450/3450

Concentric Twinax Connectors


Series 80/380

TRC/TRN Standard Twinx/Triax Threaded


Series 30/330

TWBNC/TWTNC Two-pin Polarized Connectors


Mating Twinax Size 8 Contacts

Mil-Std-1553B Data Bus General Specifications Guide


Coax Connectors

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Series 20/220

Miniature Coax BNC Plug and Jacks
Miniature Coax BNC Bulkhead Jacks
Coax Circuit Board Jacks


Series 40/240

TNC Miniature Coax Threaded Jacks and Plugs
TNC Miniature Coax Threaded Bulkhead Jacks   


Series 120

BNC/TNC Miniature Push-on Jacks and Plugs


Series 90

Coax "N" Connectors


Series 50/350

TPS/TCM Subminiature Coax Threaded Jacks and Plugs


Low VSWR Coax Connectors

"F" Threaded Coax Connectors



Terminations and RFI Caps

Coax Terminations
RFI Caps
Chain Options
Stainless Steel Rope
Twinax/Triax Terminations
Twinax/Triax RFI Caps




Adapter Circuity Schematics
Coax to Coax Adapter Table
Coax/Twinax/Triax Adapter Table



Patch Panels

Distribution Panels
Standard/Miniature Panels
"D" Mounting Hole Specifications




Standard Twinax/Triax Patching
Front Loading Modular Panels
Subminiature Twinax/Triax Patching
Standard Twinax/Triax Looping Plugs
Subminiature Twinax/Triax Looping Plugs
Standard Coax Patching
Mini-WECo Coax Patch Jacks
75 Ohms Mine-WECo Coax Patch Jacks
Audio Patching
Coax Looping Plugs
50 Ohms Miniature Coax Patching

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